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Features / Get access to your all-new toolkit
link facebook, youtube and twitch streaming
Connect Social Media Accounts
Sync streaming from Facebook, Google, Twitch, Dlive
multi-chat overlay url widget
Multi Chat Overlay
Gather all your chat messages from different streaming sites
streaming recordings in the cloud
Cloud Recording
Downloadable streams recordings in the cloud
link facebook, youtube and twitch streaming
Realtime Statistics & Reports
Monitor your stream quality, bitrate, fps, viewers & streamed hours in realtime
html5 player for websites
HTML5 Embed Player
Live streaming embeddable into your website
livestreaming from mp4 videos
Livestream MP4 videos
Go live from plain MP4 videos with Pre-recorded live dashboard, supports up to 4K
live streaming scheduling with pre-recorded live
Live Scheduling
Schedule your livestreams in advance with recorded videos
centralized live stream titles
Saved Stream Titles
Save Stream Titles once and then reuse them everytime
RTMP pull url and RTMP as a source
RTMP Pull & Push
unlimited streaming
Free from bitrate caps and limited time streaming
invite users with teams support
Teams Suport
Invite users to collectively manage streaming campaigns
developer api and developer console
Developer API
Developer focused eco-system to build amazing live streaming apps
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Pricing / Affordable pricing plans


Better plan for starters & minimal streaming campaigns

Starting from $10 per month
Starting from $8 per month

Absolutely Free

  • Restreaming
  • Upto 2 Live inputs
  • 10 Destinations max
  • 2 Destination per platform
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Pre-recorded Live
  • Upto 1 Pre-recorded live stream
  • 4 GB Video storage
  • 2 hour pre-recorded length
  • Website player
  • Viewers anlaytics
  • Player branding
  • Playback security
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For as low as

Best for regular gamers, small to medium streaming campaigns

Starting from $15 per month
Starting from $12.75 per month

Bills $50 year

  • Restreaming
  • Upto 3 Live inputs
  • 30 Destinations max
  • 3 Destination per platform
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Pre-recorded Live
  • Upto 2 Pre-recorded live streams
  • 8 GB Video storage
  • 4 hour pre-recorded length
  • Website player
  • Viewers anlaytics
  • Player branding
  • Playback security
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For as low as

Best for broadcasters, 24/7 live and pre-recorded streaming

Starting from $28 per month
Starting from $24 per month

Bills $96 year

  • Restreaming
  • Upto 5 Live inputs
  • 30 Destinations max
  • 5 Destination per platform
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Pre-recorded Live
  • Upto 3 Pre-recorded live streams
  • 16 GB Video storage
  • Unlimited pre-recorded length
  • Website player
  • Viewers anlaytics
  • Player branding
  • Playback security

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For as low as

Best for YouTube creators & content houses

Starting from $60 per month
Starting from $48 per month

Bills $96 year

  • Restreaming
  • Upto 10 Live inputs
  • 40 Destinations max
  • 10 Destination per platform
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Pre-recorded Live
  • Upto 10 Pre-recorded live streams
  • 40 GB Video storage
  • Unlimited pre-recorded length
  • Website player
  • Viewers anlaytics
  • Player branding
  • Playback security

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One of the best products ever that you use for direct or to broadcast recorded simultaneously. Livepush brings together everything you need at a competitive and affordable price
Marco Folloni
Producer, Wiva Wrestling is a phenomenal platform that has helped me as a content creator to go beyond in every category. Not only does it help my audience watch my content on any platfrom, it also provides me with the crucial insights to help me improve.
Sneko Gebiko
Twitch Streamer

Frequently asked questions

Have a look at our most asked questions or check our HelpCenter FAQs section.

  • General
  • Pricing
  • Streaming to Platforms
  • Live Video Delivery
  • Pre-recorded Live
  • Accounts & Billing
  • Encoders support
What is Livepush used for?
You can use Livepush to publish your livestream to multiple streaming sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch &other 30 reknown sites, with no additional effort required, its more like we copy pasting your livestream to different desitnations when you stream to our server.
How can I send our stream to Livepush?
You can stream to Livepush via software or hardware encoders. For most usage OBS software works perfectandis a great free streaming tool. You can also use other encoders to stream to including; StreamLabs OBS (SLOBS), Xsplit, Wirecast, vMix or any other similar functioning software/device.
Can I stream to multiple platforms for free?

Yes, absolutely. The Free Plan too will let you multistream to multiple platforms simultaneously. With the Free Service plan, you can multi stream to 3 platforms for up to 20 hours per month. This 20 hours limit gets renewed automatically at the start of each month.

For the moment, Livepush is the only multistreaming service that lets you livestream to Facebook pages for free.

Also Check Understanding the Free Plan

Can I stream to a custom RTMP server using Livepush?
Yes, we also offer Custom RMTP in our destination list, with which you can stream to almost any RTMPservercapable of recieving livestream video.
Do you have 24x7 Live chat support?
most of the day, we shall be actively responding to your queries in real-time, but there are times when you wouldreceive a recieve a response in average time of 2-3 hours, but that happens rare.
Can I livestream to Facebook for Free?
Yes, you can stream LIVE to Facebook Pages, Groups for free with the free plan.
How much does it cost to do unlimited streamimg to Facebook and other platforms?
Only $6 per month
Do you offer free tials?
Yes absolutely, you can try any of our plans for free for 3-7 days and then decide if you really need toupgrade.For plans over $10, feel free to request a trial access to any plan through in-app Live chat supportfeature. It'lltake 10 minutes to activate your custom trial with no credit card required.
Can I host a 24x7 livestream?
Yes, with the "Editors ($28)" plan, you can do unlimited streaming, can even multistream to 40+destinations.
What are the supported payment methods?
We accept all types of Credit & Debit Cards and PayPal. For PayPal, you just have to ask our support for aPayPalpayment link through in-app live chat feature.
Can I make a one-time purchase? or pay for one month only?
Yes, you can do this by subscribing to any of our paid plan and do a "unsubscribe" right away from youraccountdashboard to not let us charge you for the next month.
Can I cancel my subscription anytime I want?
Yes, you can cancel anytime you want throughout the month and and before your next billing invoice.
Do you offer custom or tailored pricing plans?
Yes, we do custom plans, price beating and more consulation on request to get the perfect plan.
Can I go live on multiple paltforms at the same time?
Yes, you can go live on upto 40+ streaming platforms simultaneously with no extranetwork and hardward overhead. Livpeush will handle everything.
How many platforms can I live stream to?
You can stream to up to 40+ streaming platforms at the same time time.
What are the supported streaming platforms?
You can live stream to;
Facebook Facebook Pages Facebook Groups YouTube Twitch Twitter Periscope Dlive Vimeo Dailymotion Nimo TV mixcloud Major League Gaming Mobcrush Steam VK Live Restream io Switchboard Live Livestream Picarto TV Nood LOCO SportsCastr Aparat Loola tv Web.TV Younow Tele2 Vaughn Live Breakers TV Vapers TV Boomstream Medirix Live Sports FC2Live BiliBili Trovo Nonolive NaverTv GameTips TV AfreecaTV KakaoTV Douyu Huya Dacast Akamai
How do I stream to a platform Livepush does not support?
This is easy, you can simply choose "Custom RTMP" option from the platforms list andcopy/paste your RTMP keys from the unsupported platform.
Can I go live just with my webcam?
Yes, you do not need anything else when you have a webcam and a stable internetconnection.From your dashboard, click on the "Webcam" feature, choose your camera/microphone settings and hit "GoLive".
How a Live Streaming CDN Works?
A live streaming cdn is a concept of delivering your live and recorded videos to your global viewers, using a set of video streaming servers located in areas that are most closest to your viewers. This concept is similar to that of an ordinary file CDN for faster downloading but the main difference is that video streaming cdns are essentially optimized to deliver HLS, DASH, TS and MP4 content.
How to create a livestream merely to get a HTML5 Live player?
HTML5 Live player is included in all multistreaming and pre-recorded live dashboards, and the Live playerurl is readily available in the "Player" settings tab. You do not need to create a new stream just forthat.
Can I livestream for Free with no Ads and branding at all?
Yes, you can live stream with our Ad-free Live player with limited concurrent viewers.
How much does it cost me to get a livestream player?
You can get your own Ad-free Live player for Free.But for features like branding/logos and higher viewers usage, you can select any paid plan starting fromjust $15 per month.
What Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have you partnered with to deliver livestreams?
We use Akamai, Stackpath and CDN77 to deliver your live event to your viewers with the lowestnetwork-latency, probably in the range ~2ms - 20ms.
How can I add my LIVE stream to my website?can i add livestream player to my website?
You can use our Free LIVE streaming player, that you can easily embed into your website in either way;1- simply copy/pasting the Iframe code into your website html2- by using your own JavaScript logic to integrate our live player url
Can I monitor my viewers in real-time?
yes, Real-time analytics are available in all plans which includes;1- Real-time viewers count + viewers charts over the last minute/hour/day/week.2- Real-time bandwidth usage
How can I add my logo or background poster to the Live player?
In the player settings, you can do both;1- upload a logo image, preview it on top of the player, select the right position.2- upload an imager for background poster, to appear on your player when offline.
How to change theme and colors for the Live player?
In the player settings, click on "UI & Themes", and from there you customize your Live player. How to get the HLS Pull url for my livestream?You can just ask us through in-app Live chat support and they'll arrange one for you for all your fairusages.
What is a Simulated Live?

Simulated live is a concept of live streaming to YouTube and Facebook like platforms from pre-recorded videos. This process takes your pre-recorded video and simulates it into an actual live stream, so your viewers will see you as if you are streaming live but you are not.

Livepush offers a pre-recorded live dashboard, which gives you the ability to record your planned event in advance and upload to your Livepush dashboard and turn it into an actual livestream and then multistream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and over 40 popular streaming platforms.

Also check Livestream from MP4 videos and Livestream Scheduling

How to live stream pre recorded video on youtube?

From your Livepush dashboard, you can livestream pre recorded videos in three steps;

  1. Upload your pre-recorded videos that you want to stream live.
  2. Connect your one or more YouTube Channels as stream destinations.
  3. Lastly, you will select a date and time to schedule your pre-recorded live event.
How to live stream pre recorded video on Facbeook?

You can schedule and livestream to Facebook using pre-recorded videos with our pre-recorded live dashboard.

To do that, you will need to subscribe to our paid plans that supports the pre-recorded live streaming. We offer several Plans, each comes with its set of pre-recorded live features.

Also check Pricing & Plans Explained

Can I live stream from mp4 videos for Free?

Yes, you can upload 200MBs of videos and can livestream to upto 20 minutes per live event.

Also check Pricing & Plans Explained

How much storage do I get for uploading videos?
In the Free plan you get 200MBs.If you've subscribed to a paid plan, then you can upload upto 4GB to 80GB of videos, aligned with the planlimits.
Can I combine multiple videos to form a one consistent livestream?
Yes, you can upload and select multiple videos for a single live event sesion, and Livepush will mergemultiple videos into one automatically.
Can I schedule a video-based livestream to start automatically at a future date?
Yes, you can configure live events to auto-start at a future date/time from uploaded videos and go live toall configured platforms
Do I also get live video delivery features for video-based livestreams?
All pre-recorded or video-bsaed live events will have HTML5 Live player as a built-in feature. Click onthe "Players" tab to get your player url.
How to change my current plan?
You can do that, by first unsubscribing from the current plan and then subscribing to the plan you like.This way you will not get charged for the old plan in the next month.
I accidentally made the payment for a different plan, how do i change the plan and get a refund for the old plan?
I want to subscribe to a different plan but I already made the payment for current plan.This is no problem, first you need to unsubscribe from the current plan which you mistakenly paid for, andthen select and pay for the best plan for you. Now to get a refund for the older plan(mistakenly paidfor), open the in-app Live chat support feature and ask them that you made a mistake and they'll issue arefund for you.
Can I get a refund for the plan earlier subscribed?
You'll get a refund only when you've made the payment accidentally for a different plan, that you have not made use of and wished to upgrade to a higher plan.There are customers who pay for the monthly subscription, use our service for their ocassional livestreamrequirements and then ask for refunds once they are done with their live events, we shall NEVER pay themback.
Can I use OBS to stream to Livepush?

Livepush supports all popular software and hardware encoders including; StreamLabs OBS (SLOBS), Xsplit, Wirecast, vMix, etc.

You can quickly connect your OBS to Livepush by going to the "Settings" > "Stream'” > "Service set to Custom" and then manually entering the Livepush RTMP Server URL and your Stream Key.

Also check How to stream live from OBS to Livepush

What are the supported encoders or broadcasting softwares with Livepush?
All popular encoders are well-test and are compatible with Livepush RTMP ingestion system including;
OBS Studio Streamslabs OBS Zoom StreamYard Wirecast vMix XSplit Cisco Webex VidBlasterX Teradek TriCaster Wondershare DemoCreator Lightstream Nvidia Shadowplay Melon

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